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Selling your ROLEX has never been so quick and easy!

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Free Valuation

Simply enter your watch details and condition.

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Receive an Offer

You’ll be provided with an offer for your watch. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss it in more detail, usually within the hour.

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Sell. Sell. Sell.

We’ll arrange a review at a time that suits you. A bank transfer will be made before sale.


The value we offer for your watch depends on its model, condition, and whether it includes the original box or documents. Our priority is providing no-obligation quotations. If you're unsatisfied with our offer or service, you're free to explore other selling options anytime.

Rest assured, our prices are extremely competitive. By carefully evaluating multiple factors, we determine the true value of your watch and pass on the best possible price to you.


We're the top source for selling Rolex watches online. With our pay first, collect later policy, we send the agreed price to your account before collecting your watch. Verify your payment and avoid scams - a secure and hassle-free experience!

"I was hesitant about parting with my cherished Rolex, but I'm so glad I chose WatchBuyer. They showed utmost professionalism throughout the process, and their team was friendly and responsive to my questions. WatchBuyer provided a competitive offer, and the whole transaction was transparent. I felt confident and comfortable selling my watch to them, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Thank you, WatchBuyer!"

Robert B


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Obtain a no obligation quotation from our qualified buyers


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Arrange a convenient time for collection or drop-off, we work 7 days a week so can fit around your busy schedule


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Receive cash transferred into your bank account before we collect your vehicle

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